• NRA Certified Pistol Permit Course

    NRA Certified Pistol Permit Course

    100% on-site classes with experienced instructors in multiple classrooms and our own shooting range.


  • Advanced Firearm Training

    For novices to intermediate permit holders.

    Whether you are just a beginner or an expert, our qualified instructors can train you to handle your firearm in any situation.


  • Carry in 34 States!

    On site Utah Pistol Permit Course

    A Utah Pistol Permit is the most accepted permit nationwide.


  • Real World Scenarios

    Simunition is Non-Lethal, Non-toxic and Realistic

    Simunition is the best way to simulate real world scenarios.



    Visit Delta Arsenal, our Pro Gun Shop

    Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with all of your firearm needs.


CT Pistol Permit Courses

Delta Arsenal is Connecticut's leading provider of NRA (National Rifle Association) Certified Pistol permit courses and firearm training. We provide a wide range of courses from the basic NRA pistol permit course to advanced tactical training featuring Simunation non-lethal ammunition. The NRA Pistol Permit Course is a requirement for a permit to carry pistols and revolvers in the state of Connecticut. Our experienced and highly trained staff will give you the best training available.

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Course Pricing

CT Pistol Permit - $150
Utah Pistol Permit - $100
Simunation Training - $200

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